Rialacha / Rules

The college has a fair but firm approach to its Irish rule. We feel that if a student is not making the desired effort to speak Irish at all times that this is due to a lack in their fluency and confidence in the language. To this end the college provides extra tuition classes for those heard speaking in English so as to improve on this fluency. These classes are conducted during céilí time each night from 7.30pm to 9.00pm.

We feel that this is a holistic and humane approach and gives excellent value for money as these classes are essentially extra “grinds” which are provided by our experienced teaching staff.

However, as with all rules, repeat lapses regarding this rule will mean students will be given additional nights in the grinds class and parents will be notified. Continuous repeat ‘lapses’ will eventually warrant expulsion as the college must maintain its high standards of ‘total immersion ‘ approach which has proven to be extremely effective in language attainment and is highly commended by the Dept. of Education.

For more details on our steps in our Riail na Gaeilge, please see below:


  1. Má labhraíonn tú abairt amháin i mBéarla / If you speak a sentence in English

Oíche amháin sa dian rang  / One night in the intensive grinds class


  1. Má labhraíonn tú dhá abairt i mBéarla = / If you speak 2 sentences in English

Dhá oíche sa dian rang agus glaoch abhaile / Two nights in the intensive grinds class & a phone call home


  1. Má labhraíonn tú trí abairt i mBéarla = / If you speak 3 sentences in English

Trí oíche sa rang agus glaoch abhaile agus cuirtear in iúl do thuismitheoirí nach bhfuil aon seans fágtha acu / Three nights in the intensive grinds class and parents/guardian are notified that their son/daughter will be asked to leave if there is a repeat offence.


  1. Ar an ceathrú uair = / The fourth time

Tá tú ag dul abhaile! / The Student is asked to leave the college.