Rialacha / Rules

All College rules will be explained clearly to students on the first day.

  1. Sí an Ghaeilge an teanga labhartha le linn an chúrsa. Students are not permitted to speak English during the course. Our attitude towards this rule is firm and those unwilling to make an effort will be sent home.
  2. Entry into licensed premises or the consumption of alcoholic drink is strictly forbidden during the course.
  3. Smoking is forbidden on the course.
  4. Students must not absent themselves from the guesthouses after 10.00pm and must remain there until after breakfast.
  5. Swimming/fishing is only allowed under the supervision of a member of college staff.
  6. A student may not leave the college during the course without permission of the Ardmháistir.
  7. As with normal school discipline policies, misbehaviour, verbal or physical intimidation, intentional or otherwise will be punished accordingly by the college authorities.
  8. The Coláiste does not accept any responsibility for lost/stolen or damaged property during the course. Students must make good any damage to property in the guest house or college before course completion.

We make every effort that each student thoroughly enjoys the course and is treated fairly at all times.

The above are the main rules which apply, but a more detailed set of our rules, regulations, structure and code of conduct is available from the college upon request.